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Lost Horizon

“生活不只是眼前的苟且,还有诗和远方”,其实诗和远方一直是大家心中憧憬的东西,只是以往不是这样表达而已。早在83年前,一位作家就已经创作出了一个让无数的旅行者魂牵梦绕的诗和远方:香格里拉。本期狗熊月读,我们来聊聊英国作家詹姆斯·希尔顿那部脍炙人口的小说:《消失的地平线》(Lost Horizon)。

Everybody has a dream of run away to a peaceful place, without fight, stuggle and distruction, that's Shangri-la, a paradise far far away. Let's talk about Shangri-la, and the original of the story, Novel: Lost Horizon.

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